The Koc University Structural Biology & Innovative Drug Development Center (KUYBIIG-M) is the first comprehensive structural biology center in Turkey. Our goal is to unravel the 3D structures of biomacromolecules.

The Story of Koc University

A brief history of Koc University's founding. Koc University was established in 1993 as a non-profit private university in Istanbul, Turkey.

KUYBIIG-M is run by the KUYBIIG-M Constitution. The constitute is there to protect fundamental rights of every KUYBIIG-M member.


February 2023, Sunday
September 2022, Tuesday
August 2022, Friday
July 2022, Wednesday

Our 6-4 photolyase story is featured on the front cover of JCB

Our preprint entitled as "The crystal structure of Vibrio cholerae (6-4) photolyase reveals interactions with cofactors and a DNA-binding region" is published in JCB.

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New pre-print from Turkish DeLight

Our latest work the crystal structure of Vibrio cholerae (6-4) photolyase with DNA binding region is on BioRxiv.

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Durdagi Lab visited KUYBIIG-M

Durdagi Lab joined KUYBIIG-M at Koç University for a joint lab meeting.Team Members gave presentations on their ongoing research projects.

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Congratulations to Gunseli

Gunseli successfully defended her MSc thesis entitled as "Conformational changes of wild-type SOD1 affect dimerization at ambient temperature" We wish her all the best on her new jo

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Location: Koç University